Monday, November 07, 2005

Routine check

I was tagged by shiaulinto do this interesting MEME. Really scratch my head to do this..haha..but nvm I still can think what to blog.

Before got 1st son

I and 1+2dad can travel when we free, go shopping, watch movie and go mamaking also no problem to us. Both of us can buy what ever we like, do what ever we like to do. We just told MIL (mother in law) where we go and what time will back, that’s all.

After got 1st son

I’m SAHM fulltime attend to my son, IL (in law) very scare him fall off or cry so need 24 hours to stare on him..hehe no need do house work and no need cook too. All the meals are prepared by my MIL include my son meal. Both of us still can travel together with my son, we still can go for movie and mamaking. But when we buy things need to think twice, mostly is buy things to my son.

Before got 2nd twins

When I pregnant the twins, my son just past age 1. So, I just take care of my son and MIL still helps me to take care of my son. She feed him and does the entire house work (she still need to work). Both of us still can travel (early stage pregnant) and go for movie, shopping and mamaking.

After twins came out

We busy with the twins and my son, both of us no time to go out cause no ppl can help us look after the 3 kids (MIL cant take care all of them by herself). When the twins still baby, we just can go shopping (cause that time still got maid) and sometime go mamak need to bring along my son. After the maid gone home, the gals about 1 yr 4 months we start cut off the mamaking. Less travel, no more movie for us and just go window shopping. After them about 1 yr 6 months, we start back our mamaking and sometime they go overnight at outstation (I think just twice only).
Now the gals start fight for toys and food, sometime mommy too. Sometime they all want mommy carry, instead of all fight for carry so I just stand and tell them I wont carry anyone and all go sit down on the sofa. One whole day just buzy with them about the toys, food, accompany them watch TV show and play with them. I still no need cook cause MIL scare of look after them, she said better work than take care children.

P/s : 1+2dad just reformat both pc so some of the program still not install yet, the trip to Sunway Lagoon need to post it later with the photos.


shiaulin said...

as now ur time will be all go to ur kids, BUT when they continue to grow then u will see all the thing reverse to the begining where u have lotsa time for urself and hubby.. cos ur children will have their own life and family, they no longer need us to be around with them already.


eh u forgot to tag someone else for this leh?

Zara's Mama said...

Looks like you love shopping and mamaking, because all your activities and benchmarking is on this. kakakaka

1+2mom said...

shiaulin, hehe.. forgot oledi but most of them oledi tag so i dunno who to tag. I agree with you, later want them accompany us also hard.

zara's mama, dunno what else to do mar so just go shopping and mamak lor can spend most the time with the kids and 1+2dad.