Monday, August 08, 2005

How to have twins?

About this title, twinsmom and angeline blog about it and I
also 1 of the twins mom so let me talk about my experience.

Being a mother of twins, the most common and often asked question
“Was because you or your husband family has twins in the history?” (twinsmom i copy you..hehe)

Yes. 1+2dad’s family got history. His aunties are a pair of twins. B4 I married I told 1+2dad hope we can get a pair of twins which are 1 gal
and 1 boy so I can close shop early..hehe. He said not so easy lar.

I married at age 23 years old and hope to get a baby next year which
was a dragon year baby so can same as us (me and 1+2dad are
same age), but my dream wont come true.

We wait about 1 year plus still dun have any baby and waist a lot of pregnancy test tube. Later we decided to see doctor and this doctor is recommended by 1+2dad ex-boss wife (she cant pregnant about
10 years and see this doctor get pregnant in about 1 year).We see this doctor about half a year than I get pregnant, but not twins.

The second pregnancy is abit surprise cause we just let it be. I wish I
finish my job b4 age 30 years old so we can have baby fast and I didn’t think i can get twins in the 2nd pregnancy cause my son and the twins just 1 year gap. When the time we know is twins and need to arrange a maid to help us. I cant handle 1 toddler (that time he just 18 months) and a pair of twins baby in the same time.

June 2003 (week 10)
Should be go back check up in 4 weeks time but my morning sick very bad so go back in the 3rd week. Doctor scan and let us know it was a twins and cause me very bad morning sick. I had to hang drip at the clinic and 1+2dad spoilt his all arrangement when he know I get a pair of twins. (he decided to order a new car, luckily didn’t can save the money for the gals)

December 2003 (week 32)
I admit to hospital about 5 days because my stomach sometime abit hard and discharge some brownish. I celebrate my charismas at hospital that year. Go home about 1 week admit to hospital again.

Jan 2004(week 35)
This time baby need to come out early, cause the water in the water beg suddenly increase so much and scare the baby will drink the water. Doctor decided to do c-sec 2 days later. (cause of ‘T’ too needs to do c-sec).

1.08pm Carol reach the world with 1.48 kgs
1.09pm Carrie follow then with 1.75kgs

These 2 gals want to come out early to get ‘ang paw’ (my due is during Chinese New Year). I though I will lose Carrie because her lung not working properly so she need the ventilator to help her breath. Luckily she ok in the 3rd day, no need the ventilator but she got jaunties (for normal baby the level is ok but for premature baby she need to keep under the light).

I go see them at the 4th day, I nearly want to cry when I saw them. 1+2dad told me the 1st two day the gals body all with tube lagi kelian, he cant stay there too long cause he also want to cry. 1+2dad dint told me anything about the gal’s condition just let me know the twin I in the incubator and the twin II with ventilator and abit dangerous. He didn’t let me know how dangerous she and I are just c-sec think of maybe will lost one of them. (I’m do idiot, should think of the good side mar)

Now saw them very healthy, I’m so lucky still got 2 of them with me.

Image hosted by

left : Carol with 1.48kgs and height 40cm
right : Carrie with 1.75kgs and height 47cm

Image hosted by

left : Carrie with 8.8kgs
right : Carol with 8.6kgs
*They always got about 200g difference*


anon said...

the twons are so so so cute. Feel like having babies right now after looking at them. wheres my wife? must go look for her now.

domesticgoddess said...

她们很像你 :) very cute!

shiaulin said...

envy envy envy..... i want to have twins !!! err... no no no... not anymore coz my boy already make me "gila" liao, mau a twins lagi ?? siao loh...

btw, they really are so cute !

twinsmom said...

carrie face so red...and glad they all OK, and I think 1+2dad very caring lor, he didn't tell you about the girls' condition.

Loc Kee said...

hey, glad that they are ok.
cheh i tot you are sharing the Secret of having Twins.....

1+2mom said...

anon, welcome and nice to have you here. hope can hear a good news from you soon :P

domesticgoddess, welcome to my blog too. Thankz they really look like me because of the size..hahaha.

shiaulin, just know very hard to takecare the kids ler. I better want twins girl more then my son, he make me head big big liao.

twinsmom, hehe..he scare me too worry about the babies mar.

domesticgoddess said...

嘻嘻...你还不知我是谁啊?!! 我是换了名的m0m0f2 lor...

Milly said...

wow wow...that's the story...very touching ler...

Young Brat said...

yalo..i tot u r going to share us 'how to get a twins'.. but read it only know, u r talking about ur twins.

now aso so beautiful ald..wen 18 y.o. ald, sure can go Miss Malaysia.

1+2mom said...

domesticgoddess, O.o dunno you start blog liao..haha very out dated me.

milly, nolar just keep the memory next time can recall.

young brat, aiya almost is from family history lar.If not is very lucky or ask doctor make for you lor..haha.

5xmom said...

Wah, you dragon also? Hou meng lor. My niece also same age like you but just got married only. You already 1+2. (me dragon but 12 yrs older la)

1+2mom said...

5xmom, wah you also dragon good ler. Nolar not hou meng lor..give this 3 little boss 'kek si' lor.