Monday, August 22, 2005

Stubborn son

Every morning, I want to wake my son up to school.

1+2mom : boy, wake up lor..want to go school lor.
Boy : *still sleeping*

1+2mom : *shake him* boy, boy.
Boy : *open eyes and look at me then close back*

1+2mom : *shake him again* boy boy, you want drink nen nen??
Boy : yes. *finally he wake up and have his milk*

After finish his milk, want to change his school uniform and I must pursuit him again.

1+2mom : boy come change your uniform go school lor, now very late.
Boy : dunwan, I dunwan go school.

1+2mom : your teacher and friends all wait you at school.
Boy : dunwan. *I call MIL (Mother In Law) to help*

MIL : come mar mar change for you. (talk in mandarin)
Boy : *go change his uniform*

In the afternoon, my son back from school.

1+2mom : boy come eat mum mum (lunch).
Boy : *run here and there*

1+2mom : boy boy, come eat mum mum.
Boy : *still pretend didn’t hear him*

1+2mom : boy boy *using louder voice*
Boy : *come and sit down eat his lunch*

After lunch, need him to take bath.

1+2mom : boy boy go take bath, you so dirty.
Boy : I dunwan take bath.

1+2mom : boy boy dun let mummy said so many time to call you take bath.
Boy : I dunwan take bath *run away*

1+2mom : *shout to him* boy boy
Boy : *run to MIL* mar mar I dunwan take bath.

MIL : mar mar take bath with you.
Boy: I want mar mar, I dunwan take bath. I want change shirt, my leg pain pain..i dunwan take bath.

MIL : boy boy very dirty, go take bath.
Boy : mar mar take bath with me.

Till the napping time, I again and again want to pursuit him to go sleep.

1+2mom : boy boy time to sleep.
Boy : I dunwan to sleep.

1+2mom : boy boy come lar, go sleep. After you wake up daddy come back ask daddy bring you go park.
Boy : *follow me go bedroom*

Same as dinner time, evening bath and nite time go sleep. I must pursuit and sometime need to take out the cane (he not even scare the cane *roll eyes*) to let him done the daily routine.

He is very stubborn, like on Friday he back from school. That day because of the weather very hot my FIL (Father In Law) decided to fetch him home, so he with MIL when to school to fetch him and I stay at home with the girls. Few min. later I heard he came back and call for me.

Boy : mummy, why you didn’t come to school?
1+2mom : yeh yeh (grandfather = FIL) and mar mar (grandmother = MIL) go school fetch you mar.

Boy : I dunwan mar mar and yeh yeh.. I want mummy go school fetch boy boy.. Mummy brings boy boy go school. *with his crying voice* (he want me bring him go school again and bring him back)
1+2mom : dunwanlar.. your friend and teacher they all gone home, no ppl at school now.

Boy : I want mommy go school.
1+2mom : *headache* mommy bring you go buy mum mum (lunch) *try to turn his point*

Boy : I dunwan.
1+2mom : *hehe..oledi reach his favorite show* see the ABC start already.

Boy : *turn his head to the TV*
1+2mom : *luckily the show start if not dunno when can settle down him*


tash said...

hie..not easy to take care of children rite?..i love children too :)
jia yew!

1+2mom said...

tash, welcome to my sweet home..hope you will enjoy here :)