Thursday, June 16, 2005

Happy Birthday To 1+2dad

Dear Darling Hubby,

Tomorrow is your birthday, I know you oledi take leave to accompany us for your birthday (actually we accompany you :P) hope we got a wonderful holiday.

Thank you for loving us and spend more time with us, I really appreciate what you had done to us. You are a good hubby, when I pregnant you spend more time with me and accompany me to every check up no matter how busy you are.

Every occasion you will remember , I’m the worse women that not remember what present I had gave to you, what food you like to eat (I just know some). I just know you like to play game and drink cool drink. I know you dun like house food and soup so I think very hard to use this food to stay you at home but I know I would be a very ‘tai fong’ wife so you can stay with me forever (hehe..not ‘tai fong’ till allow you to get another women :P)

You are a good father too.You will help to take care the children when I’m not free, I know lot of man wont do that. I know you want to got a good relationship with the kids so you have to spend more time with them play with them. They also very like you, especially your son..he will always ask where is daddy?

Hope our relationship will last forever.

“Happy Birthday to you Darling Hubby!!!”

From your Lovely wife,

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