Thursday, June 23, 2005


My girls eat a lot but they seem not grow so much. They now about 18 month old but just about 8.3 kgs nia, Early this month we bring them for jab, I though they weight about nearly 9 kgs gua but when we weight them.. HUH?? Carol is 7.9 kgs and Carrie is 8.1 kgs.

Haiz..dunno what wrong with them?? Everyday they wakeup about 8 am and I let them had 4 oz milk later they get some biscuits. About 10 am I let them bath after that they got some fruit again. Then about 12 pm they had their lunch. At 1 pm they had their milk b4 nap, sometime about 4 oz sometime I just gave 3 oz see how much they ate just now.

After nap about 5 pm, they had their milk again this time is 4 oz. Later they play play a while and have some snack again. We had our dinner at 7 pm, so they eat again. After that about 8 to 9 pm they still get some biscuits or bread. One hour later, they had their milk again b4 sleep it about 5 oz.

1+2dad ask me why he always saw the girls eating but they seem dun grow so much. I said I dunno, they saw ppl eat they will ask some from them. They non stop eating, sometime they will take themselves and ask me to open the food for them.

They not like my son will ‘choose eat’, they eat everything you gave them to eat. Include ice-cream, junk food and many. They drink a lot of water too, and like fruit very much.

Sometime I very happy they like my body shape cause I slim but sometime they make me worry, scare they wont grow properly..mother always worry so much. MIL told me they grow healthy mar ‘ok’ lor..she just ask me keep checking their grow. I ask pead b4, he recommend me let them change milk powder to dunno what brand got gain plus one de but I told him my girls dun like other favor so no choice to continue the recent milk powder.


Sebastian's mommy said...

ur twins 18 months only ar? I tought 2 yrs tim! Anyway, very cute when having lovely pins on thier hair, posting when they r infront of the camera!

1+2mom said...

san san, yea..they like 2 yr when in the photo :P but in real life you will know they were very small size.