Friday, February 15, 2008

CNY update – part 1

Sorry guys, very buzy until no time check mail, blogging and blog hop. Have to put on some update if not someone start nagging me..hehe..

CNY eve

This year I make many cookies so have no time to clean up my bedroom until CNY eve. We clean up until late evening and help my MIL prepare the dinner and we ate at home. After that, my in law they went to temple until midnite and we went to my father house.

Every year we spend our CNY eve until the first day (12 am) at my father house and get our very first ang pau from him and my mum (on behalf from my dad). We reached home at about 1am plus, the kids almost fall asleep.

CNY Day 1

We have our breakfast cam lunch at McDonald, this carry on every year since I meet 1+2dad. Later we went back to my father house and go watch movie (Kung Fu Dunk) with my 2nd sister. At first we thought went to Amcorp Mall GSC but it had been close down quite some time so we went to 1Utama. At 1 Utama GSC too many people line up for ticket so we went to TGV and we get the ticket within 15 min and get 3rd row from the back.

We reached there about 2.30pm, which show for that time was full so we watch the 5.30pm show. We went for a cup of tea at coffebean and we lucky can watch lion dance on that day too.

CNY Day 2

The morning we went to visit my aunty and in the evening we went to 1+2dad grandma house to have dinner with his relative. After that we having our supper with my 2nd sister nearby SS 2 mamak.

CNY Day 3

Today we went to shopping to get some stuff for the next day Tiara Beach holiday. Actually we wanted to have 1 day trip on this date but 1+2dad decided to overnite there and we just managed to book the room for Sunday nite. We call the resort that they told us all the room fully book accept after 10th of Feb so we have to go there on the next day. (we plan to overnite just 1 week b4 the date). Luckily get the room and we have no school on Monday somemore the room rate is much cheaper than on Saturday.

I book it online, it cheap just RM 180 per nite and can enjoy the water park facilities (just for the room guest no outsider allowed), kids room, sauna and nite time performance. They have so many activities you can join. We get the ang pau (just 20 cens) and 4 mandarin oranges that they prepare in the room.

I will blog it tomorrow, now has to go eat ‘mamak’ with 1+2dad. Btw, wish all of you :

Happy Valentine's Day” & “Happy Chor Gao Day” for those Hokkien friends.


mom2ashley said...

you have been very busy eh?
happy cny!

mama bok said...

Wow..! you very busy leh..! Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you ya. . :)

jazzmint said...

oh i heard bout tiara beach, sounds quite fun huh

Anonymous said...

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