Monday, February 18, 2008

CNY ~ Part 2

CNY Day 4 & 5 ~ Tiara Beach Resort

At 7.30am we went to have our breakfast and after 1 hour we depart to Tiara Beach Resort, Post Dickson. About 10.00am we reached at Port Dickson and we went to the public beach first because it not the time to check in at hotel and we dun think will come out from the hotel after we check in.

The kids like to play with the water especially when the wave is coming. They jump up when the wave almost reached them because they scare to wet their cloth but Carter not, at the end he sit in the water as you can see in the pic. His pants and shirt full of sand especially all his pocket. Later we chance them in our car and continue our journey to Tiara Beach Resort.

We check in at the lobby outside the apartment and after we get our room key we went into the area. This beach is not allowed the outsider to play with their beach facilities it just for the hotel guest. It just looks like a resident place and there have a few block of apartment. We was in the block E and the 2nd floor, it very near to the beach. The room is very clean, and a lot of space to put things and hang around.

When we past by to the man made beach, the kids shout out loud and wanted to go to play water once we park the car. We tell them after putting our stuff and have our lunch we can play in the pool whole day long.

We play in the pool about 2 hours then we went for shower and change ourselves. After that we went to souvenir shop to have a look, mean time we saw a clown making balloon there and my kids went to get it. Later we went to children playroom awhile and head back to our room to take a nap. Actually they have plenty of activities but we are too tired to join so we went back to sleep.

We get up at 6.00pm and let the kids go play with the sand near the beach for about 1 hour. After that we back to hotel to shower and have our dinner at Anna Thai nearby the lobby. It was recommended through website that some people taste it nice and we go have a try. The foods were nice and they have live singer to sing few song and then they head to the bistro after that.

After our dinner is about 9.00pm, it had a live performance on the stage near by the beach. We watch it about half an hour the kids said want to go back to hotel room but when we passing by the beach they went to play the sand again.

We let them play awhile and got people they play firecracker too. After we went back to hotel clean them up and after we let them watch a movie (we brought along our portable dvd player) we went to sleep.

The next day after having our breakfast in the room (bread), we brought the kids to play another round in the beach. This time my daughters dunwan to play water, they just want to play with the sand. Only Carter and 1+2dad went into the water. After we check out, we still stay there for the last round play water before we go home. This time I accompany Carol and Carter to play water. 1+2dad stay with Carrie and they chit chat nearby the coffe shop there.

At about 1pm, we change to have our lunch at Anna Thai once again before we go home. We reached at home about 3.20pm, 1+2dad went to sleep but the rest of us watch TV at living room because we had slept in the car..muahaha.

This trip was so relaxing and 1+2dad said will go back again on the year end school holiday. My kids keep on asking us when we will go there again. I rather come here then bring them to Genting, it was so tired to just waiting them play the games and spend more money at Genting. At here, we just need to sit with them play sand and accompany them play water (we can play together).

Below are some of the photos we took at Tiara Beach Resort, it was a nice place for family holiday.


Jacss said...

What a simple yet enjoyable & fun CNY your family had!!
the room was real big hor.
i agreed Tiara Beach is really a nice place!

btw, u had mcD on 1st CNY...really strange heh!!

jazzmint said...

wah looks like tiara not bad eh..kiv in my list first ;)

1+2mom said...

haha..yea hor 1st day CNY eat mcd, but dunno why ler 1+2dad want to eat.

yea, the room really big can put another 2 double bed.

i'm sure your kids will like it too.