Monday, February 25, 2008

CNY ~ Part 3 (final)

CNY Day 6

As usual today was the day back to school, we still had the mood on holiday and all of us very lazy so we rest at home.

CNY Day 7

At the evening we went to Tian Hou Temple. We so long didn’t come to this place, if not mistaken it was almost 4 years. The last year we went there was the last day of CNY as well as Valentines Day. We brought along with my 1 year plus son to pray and celebrate our Valentines there.

This year we thought to go to the Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarom but 1+2dad said it was very far and need to go there very early if not it will be so crowded. So we decided to go Tian Hou temple. I heard my colleague said it was very jam when the 1st day of CNY. We choose normal day to go so it will not so crowded.

The place was very nice and we reached there about 6pm plus, the decoration light will on at 7pm. We stay there about 2 hours to take photos and pray.

CNY Day 8

Today is Valentine’s Day we didn’t go to any where but we did go to “mamak” after the kids slept at nite. We had brought a pair of key chain for our Valentine presents.

On Sunday we went to The Curve shopping and took some photos.

This was what we had done on the CNY and the last day of CNY we went to 1+2dad grandma house for dinner.


Hazel said...

some awards for you to choose. Have a nice day!

jacss said...

ehh, the "lou fu lou chai" photo so sweet leh !!!

mama of 2LittleFellas said...

isn't it great to just spend time with family. the best kind ever :)

MY Life Zone said...

hehe... still can romantic oh, after the kids slept... still go mamak ... dunno when my kids will grow as big as yrs, then i will be more senang lor...