Monday, May 28, 2007

Strange Conversation

This morning I fetch my son go to Buddha school, on the way :

Carter : mummy, where the people come from??
(This is not the first time he asked me this type of question, I answered till I dunno how to answer then I’ll turn the topic.)
1+2mom : what people?

Carter : we all people lar.
1+2mom : (realize the same question again) oh! The people come from their mummy stomach.

Carter : then where their mummy come from?
1+2mom : their mummy come from their mummy stomach lar.

Carter : then where all their mummy mummy come from?
1+2mom : aiya, I dunno lar. (I really dunno how to answer somemore.)

Then I asked him back the same question see how this little brain will answer me. I like to hear and know what these kids’ imaginations are.

1+2mom : then you know where all these mummy come from?
Carter : aiya, of cause they come from the apple lar.

1+2mom : (very surprise when he answered me like this) how you know?? Your teacher teaches you?
Carter : no, I think by myself.

1+2mom : how you know??
Carter : I think myself lar.

1+2mom : (I continues asked him the same question.) then where is the apple come from?
Carter : from the tree. (it is logic)

1+2mom : then where the tree come from?
Carter : from the seed. (it still reasonable)

1+2mom : then where the seed come from?
Carter : from the flower lor. (still can accept)

1+2mom : then where the flower come from?
Carter : from the stick lar. (why he can think out the answer?)

1+2mom : then where the stick come from?
Carter : of cause the tree lar. (yahor)
1+2mom : (I stop this question cause I know if I keep on answer he will give me back the same answer. You can see the answer go back to the tree.)

Dunno how he knows this kind of thing?? I really didn’t teach him anything about how a tree grows. Some time ago, he asked me another question. He said where the bug, the land, the car, all the building and people come from till I really dunno how to answer him.

Do you have any suggestion or idea to answer him when he asks me this kind of question again? Please dun tell me to call him go ask his teacher, I dun think this is a good answer. I really hope can help him find out the answer.


sue said...

Hahha... it's fun to hear their "know-it-all" replaied hoh. Ivan also always why why why now, but sometimes ask him back he also pandai pandai goot answer wann...

Annie Q said... boys still havent reach that stage yet!I think at that time i will also have the same "problem" as u how to answer them back..hahaha.
Ur home got new look...very warm feel...nice!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!;)

jazzmint said...

haha ur boy vy cute ;)

Tracy said...

Carter's could answer ur questions in a very smart way. This is the time when they are most curious. I guess u have to explain to him in a logically way if he's to ask u those questions.

Jacss said...

ya we all faced the same situations at one stage.... sometimes if i got too tongue tight with their questions, i tend to ignore & change their topics or tell them to go ask dady.....hehehehe, lousy mumy!!!

1+2mom said...

so much surprise with their little brain :)

annie q,
haha..the time will come,be prepare.
thankz for the comment :)

not cute, is very 'ma fan'..haha.

i want but i really dunno how, he wanna drive me crazy.

we also want to learn from them, if not how we gonna handle them??