Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun day!!

This morning make some chees stick for my kids to eat. I also make some Oat with corn cream for my daughters. They like it so much.

The chees stick i follow Maria recipes and the oat with corn cream(i forgot to take pic) i follow 1 of the same school teacher recepies.

The recipies you can go to this link below :

and the oat with corn cream recipies as follow :

1. 5 btsp instant Quaker Oat mix with 1 btsp milk powder.

2. then mix with the hot water see you want ticker meal add less water if not you can add more water.

3. after that you can mix with 2 btsp corn cream (tin type) or if you want you can add some raisin too.

Below are the pic i took it that day when i went into the room i saw them sleep the same post.

1 comment:

Jacss said...

your cheese stick looks not bad ahh, will give it a try one day!

and i like your new header .....such lovely kids !!!
must ask u to teach how to do it one day!!!

same style huh.....ya it happens!!