Friday, May 25, 2007

Little update

Yesyterday Jason send us the Mille Crepe ordered from him, this time i ordered mix and match. I had tried most of the flavoured, yeh!!! But i still like the original flavored it was very nice then next is Rum & Raisin then the cheese, other flavored just so so. Thank you Jason once again.

I had plan some holiday work for my kids, let them study at home too. Like my son his bahasa very weak, need to revise with him and add other extra work for him. My twins gal i planning to teach them do some writing. Reading still continue done as usual everynite b4 sleep.

Talking about the reading, it was so much difference between Carol and Carrie. Carol love reading so much, she will took out the book to reading when ever she want. But Carrie, she like to play so much. She will take out the book to read when it was the reading time or when she saw Carol take the book she also want (Carrie is type of kiasu gal too..haha). Carol very good in reading, she can remember the word i teached just once or twice only. Carrie will need to keep on repeat the same word quite many till i said want to beat her or stop let her read book anymore (sound like i pushing her too much, so now i push the job to 1+2dad to teach her read..kekeke..cleaver me).

They reading their brother school reading book, so the latest update is :

Carter - book 15, Carol - book 7 & Carrie - book 6

Carter like reading nowaday cause 1 of his classmate had read till book 20, so he told me he also want to read till book 20. I said you need to read at home b4 you go school so you can read faster, no need teacher keep on asking you go home reapeat the same page for 2 days or more.

Next week will start for 2 weeks school holidays, will be quite buzy cause need to takecare my kids all by myself. Another noisy holiday, and will having 3th & 4th tearm tranning on 4-7 June. My mother in law will be big head on that few days.


huisia said...

To be a mother sometimes really exhausted hor?!

Jacss said...

wah, u r such a well planned & "goooood" mummy, already planned so much for your kids holiday ahh? Make me so guilty........
i just realised that it's going to be a 2 weeks holiday....hehehe, thot 1 week only. so i must plan something for mine too or else, d lazy kakak will just leave them fighting d whole day !!!

Tracy said...

Wow! Carter's oredi on Book 15? And Carol's on Book 7? Aiyo, Des is going onto Book 7 only. Is dat considered slow? Actually she can read the whole of Book 6 (which I taught her) but the teacher has not finished teaching, how? But I'm quite impressed dat she can read the whole page of the Bacaan Siri 14 at the back page of the book.

Haha, at least Jaclyn, u and I got something to blah about and discuss cos our kids are going to Q-dees. Heehee.

Sasha said...

i dunno what book u guys talking about. But i guess a lil competition between the classmate will motivate yr kids to read more, like carter. hehe

Tracy said...

Wah! Came back here and saw ur new header and template. Very nice and I like the colour - green.

jazzmint said...

welcome back.....nice template hehe

good that ur boy likes to read...

1+2mom said...

yalor, very hard to be mother..but very happy with them.

aiya, i dunwan them do nothing just watch TV or play whole day.

your daughter are quite fast lor, my son start the book since he just 3 years old till now just book 15 ler.
thankz, i wanted to change long ago but no time to do it :)

yes, so he will read faster and recognise the words just told him 1 or 2 times.

yea, i think he also a kiasu type of ppl..haha.