Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coloring & drawing

When school holidays, I gave some work for my kids to do. My gals like to do coloring but my son don’t. Maybe at first I let my gals hold marker pen to write the white board that I bought to my son so they had no problem to hold pencil. (These was 1 of the teacher teach me that need to let a child hold a huge pencil like crayon so that later they can hold the pencil better).

Now they do coloring more and more good. Till today they can manage to color very nice but still dunno to use color and sometime color outside the line, but I very happy what they can do.

They had alot improvement and now they can recognize some words from the reading book like: who, is, this, I, am, like, Ritty, Alzy, Bubbly, Snowy, and, Brownie, the.

My son better lar cause he start read book from 3 years old, but he still confuse some words like : they, there, them, their, and, are. Maybe for him all look like ‘the’ and ‘and’, cause he always read as ‘the’ or ‘and’ when he saw the word start with ‘the’ and ‘a’. I’ll think I need to make some flashcard to help him recognize the words.

Below are some of my son drawing, i like it so much..just like a cartoon he draw, so cute.

Below slide are when holiday they do some coloring.

This are some of Carol & Carrie coloring that done when i working.


jazzmint said...

wahh..they paint pretty well leh...and the way they hold pencil..better than me oso wander my writting getting uglier..too much of keyboard

IMMomsDaughter said...

Your son's cartoon are very cutelah, better than my son's :)And your girls do paint very well for their age. That reminds me, must let my girl practice more...ha ha kiasulah

greenapple said...

your girls are getting prettier ... memang great genes from mama leh ... haha

I like your children's artwork too .. so innocent, so simple ...

1+2mom said...

LOL!!We all also too much to keyboard, luckily i back to work so i need writting so much :)

hahaha..i dunno they can do well just in few months. I didnt let them practice so much just they ask me to give them pencil and paper, so they can write and draw.

thank you :) yea, still havent 'polution' yet..haha.

shoppingmum said...

Yeah lah, you girls can hold pencils very well!

Allyfeel said...

Not bad ler, nice! My son can only scribble lines,dots and doesn't even know how to draw a human figure.

1+2mom said...

yea, i also dunno how they can do it cause i didnt really teach them :)

lol!!My son nearly 5 years old wor.

荦怡 said...

they are so smart!