Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary to my blog!!

This is the 2nd anniversary to my blog. Didnt know i can manage to write till now, but this lately was buzy with my kids and my son homework.

Now everynite b4 sleep i'll let my son read his school reading book so do my gals. I let them read my son previous reading book when he went to school at 3 years old, so i start with them b4 they enroll to it.

Carol already reach 2nd book, she learned fast and have a good memory but Carrie cant. She abit slow but still manage to read with me. My son till today he already reached book 11, will start his book 12 next week. (Q-dees had reading book for them to read everyday, they need to read individually infront of teacher. They had total 24 books and hope can finished b4 goes to standard 1).

When my son do his homework at home, i let my gals do colouring too. Now they can colour very nice (better then my son), also can hold the pencil properly. Later will post up some of their colouring work.

" Happy 2nd Anniversary to my Happy Family blog!!!"


Anonymous said...

Aiyo...where have u been la. So long no blog. Anyway HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!May u have many many happt things to blog!

荦怡 said...

wow! two years liao?
jiejie can read the story book by herself har?! so clever!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd anniversary to ur Happy Family's blog. :)

Wow, not easy eh have to read with them nightly. Sometimes I am so lazy to read for bb but have to la since he loves listening to stories.

grace said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to your blog.

1+2mom said...

thankz..aiya need to put more time to my kids, really no time to blog :(

yea, they can read by themself for those i teached them.

yea, sometime we abit late so i didnt read story for them, they'll make so much noise.Make it a habit so they will love reading, it was a grate job you had done.

thank you very much :)

mama bok said...

Congrats on yer 2nd year of blogging..!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd anniversary to your blog!

wow, you are such a dedicated mummy.

Anonymous said...


It's true that we really need a lot of time for our kids and u are truly a good mom.

1+2mom said...

mama bok & huisia,
thank you :)

2 litte fellas & tracy,
thank you, hehe..not a very good mom but try very best to be 1 of it :)

msaufong said...

so fast oledi 2 years..wah...we getting old liao ahh..haha..Happy 2nd anniversary!

1+2mom said...

hehe..yalor,old n old liao.