Thursday, February 15, 2007

This week this and that

Why your mummy dunwan you??

Last Sunday on the way to my father's house.

1+2mom : Carrie where is your mommy??
Carrie : Mommy is here. (point to me)

1+2mom : I'm not your mommy.
Carrie : yes, mommy is here. (point to me again)

1+2mom : (naughty mommy got a question) Where you come from??
Carrie : (look here and there)
Carter : mommy where you come from??

1+2mom : (i asked him back) Where you come from??
Carter : from mommy stomach, then where mommy come from?

1+2mom : from my mommy stomach lor.
Carter : where is your mommy?? (my mum at USA, he didnt saw my mum b4 but just chat in the phone only).

1+2mom : my mommy at far far away.
Carter : Why your mommy dunwan you??

1+2m0m & 1+2dad laught out loud.
Carter : mommy naughty so your mommy dunwan you already.

1+2mom : *speechless*

I dunno how to answer him, so we change other title..haha.

CNY shopping & Valentine's day

This few days went to shopping and last min. buying some CNY stuff. Valentine's day we went to 1U walk and buy some toys for my kids. Yea, they get present but we both dun have. They happy we both also happy. Actually we didnt celebrate valentine's day, we had our meal few days b4 valentine's day. No present cause dunno waht to buy and want, so just bought some toys for my kids let them happy.

Tomorow will bring along my gals to my school for celebrate the traditional custumes day, hope they will happy. Already bought some goodie bags for my son classmate, and i also bought some snack for my class student.


jazzmint said... cute lah ur boy.

mom2ashley said...

i'm bad..I' havent done much shopping..also will surely do it like at the very very last second..

Sasha said...

Yah mommy notty! hahah Shopping is like mental in KL. Everywhere u go u can see ppl ..MANY MANY ppl!

Allyfeel said...

Cannot underestimate kidz nowadays. Lots of imagination.

CNY shopping is crazy, dun forget the traffic jam is crazier.

My Sweeties said...

Your children are so cute. It's fun having conversation with them.

By the way, was wondering if you are one of my ex-classmate from TP. Drop me a mail at

shoppingmum said...

Any plan to bring them to US? :)

Princess said...

Hi there, I'm new around here. Hope you don't mind me dropping by. Was intro by my mom.. Tracy (tracy-elydes.blogspot). Hope to meet many new friends as possible. :)

Kids always say the darnest thing and leave us adults speechless. Hehe

When you're free do drop by my blog..

Hope to hear from you..

Twin said...

hehe carter is so funny. :)

hao said...

Luckily the twins nvr ask how come there's two of them came out from their mummy's tummy while you are the only one. haha

wHOisBaBy said...

your mom in USA? if you do come by this continent, let us know ya!