Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Which part of baby you like the most??

I like baby face, they look very cute when the baby fat fat.. seem like to pinch the face. Like my son now he is 3 years old I still like to kiss his face very hard..haha..sometime he pushes me away.

The other part is hand and leg. Did you notice that baby leg likes the part of lotus so cute and like to bit it?

Last time I saw a ‘siao’ lady pinch a baby face till red color, but the poor baby seems like it so much..hehe..maybe that baby oledi get used to it.

I like to look at my gals face cause they are very small and cute. One of my friend she every time visit me sure said my gals face so so so small, she 1st time saw baby face so small like my gals.

Sometime I look at other baby that smaller then my gals (which sleep facing the ceiling), they seem bigger then them cause they face so big. (my gals sleep tummy facing the bed, so they head like ‘American football’..haha.)

How about you??

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