Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back dated post : Happy Birthday Boy!!

2nd May is Carter 7 years old birthday. The day b4 we brought him and his sisters to DinoTrek2 at KLCC. They enjoy the trip.

The next day we rest at home and have a small cutting cake celebration for him with his cousin too.

The 2nd weeks of the month was mother's day. My son make me a wish with play dough. I hlep him to make a card and flower for grandmom.

Tomorrow was 1 Utama Jusco member's day sale, so will go there 'sapu' some good and will post it up what i get from there.



So did you get any good bargains! I have only been to J Card day once but ar .. the queue to pay so long lah!

Jacss said...

happy belated bday to Carter!! ehh, yr girls' hair are so long & silky!!
bet u had a good shopping day!!

twin said...

happy belated birthday carter!!

Allyfeel said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Carter. Happy Happy New Year to you and family.