Saturday, February 28, 2009


That day heard some mother talking about the cane with each other while i waiting my son at the gate. Wonder his teachers also bring the cane to the class or not. I didnt hear him talk about the cane at home, so after school in the car i asking him about the cane.

1+2 mom : boy, did your teacher bring any cane to the class?
Carter : nope.
(so happy that he got a nice teachers).

following he answer : but in the cane is in the class so teacher didnt bring any cane to the class.
i'm so shock and reply : didt you get any cane from your teacher?

Carter : of cause yes lar. My class teacher Liew lao shi (teacher in mandarin) beat me.
1+2 mom : Why your teacher beat you? I'm sure you must be very talkative.

Carter : yalor. I get 1 cane on my hand but i didnt cry.
(seem he didnt feel any shameful..hai..that's my son).
1+2 mom : so next time you dun talk in the class lar..see you scare or not.

Carter : of cause lor but i can talk soft soft. (i'm fainted).


Jacss said...

now that my boys started primary 1, it really freak me out seeing every single teacher carrying a cane with the loads of books in their hands!! my boys got cane too but it was only punishmt on the palm probably due to noisy too!!
am praying that no major beating happening...

Sasha said...

hahahahaha talk soft soft he is smart!

MY Life Zone said...

wondering is it 'advisable' for teachers to carry canes to class?? hopefully teachers will not 'mis-use' it...

haha.. yr boy so smart.. looks like kena cane is not that 'serious stuff' for him..hehhe

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

My boy 2 like that...dun feel shameful, as he said quite a number of his classmate already kena!!! Alamak, i wander if boys r more thick skin??!!