Monday, January 05, 2009

First day of school & Happy Birthday Girls!!

Today is the 1st day of school, and it is also my twins daughter birthday. I had made 2 cheese cake and some butter cup cake for them to celebrate their birthday at school. I also bought some party bags for their classmate too.

This morning my son wake up as early as me, he also follow me to school to celebrate his sister birthday together. Last Friday Orientation he was behave well and no scare and crying at all, my good boy and clever boy. Today he ask me to go home when i waiting his class teacher come.

The cheese cake i made and decorated by my colleague (last time she work at Shangrila Hotel). This cheese cake she is the one to teach me also. Most of the students and teachers like it. Some make a joke wanted to order from me. I said i only can make the cake but no any decoration.

My girls turn 5 years old today, time had past so fast like just a clip of eyes they already a big girl. In my eyes they still like a baby, havent grow up.

I like to wish my girls :

Happy 5th Birthday to you Carol & Carrie!!

This are some of the pic i took today.

My girls birthday cake.

Butter cupcake that i made for some student that dun like cheese cake.

My son also celebrate his sister birthday at school.

When they blow candle, Carol cant do it all so Carrie also help her blow some.

Carol cut her birthday cake.

Carrie cut her birthday cake.

Carter 1st day of school, he like his uniform so much. Today when i go fetch him he said he like to go back to 6 years old class because std.1 dun have homework to do. I told him when the homework start he will cry for it.


Elaine said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Carrie and Carol. :D

MY Life Zone said...

Happy Belated Birthday to both of them....:)

Btw, I saw your 'interview'(twins family) in Feminie magazine, when i go change my hair style last week... you didn't blog it here??

when i saw it... 'so so familiar, i know them??" oh ya... 2+1 happy family...:)

1+2mom said...

thank you.

MY Life Zone,
yes, we are in the Feminie. I didnt blog it cause i havent scan the interview to my pc and thank you for the wish.

jacss said...

helo girls....happy belated sweet 5th b'day!! stay good girls to yr parents yeah!!
both the cakes looked too cute & girly...yr cupcakes also not bad heh!!
laughing at carter's comment....hahaha, good that he likes homework, LOL

BoeyJoey said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog from a link. I love your twin girls... how I wish hubby or I have the genes to have twins! Happy birthday to Carrie & Carol :-)

Physiomom said...

Happy belated bday..ur twins r same age as my girl. I've added u in my twins blogger list.