Saturday, April 05, 2008

My daughters

So long didnt update..hehe.

Today lets talk about my girls. Teacher told me that they are very good in class, as long they didnt run everywhere and they were fast learner. Now they read their reader until book 9, remember all the words that teach at school (i didnt teach them at home althought i was 4 years old teacher, accept i do reading with them every nite). Accept 1 thing, they are too close to reach other.

The teacher told me that she ask them who was their good friend but they point to their sister. Teacher told them they are not friend but sister, they seem not understand. Another classmate said Carrie was his good friend, Carol scold that boy said cannot Carrie was her sister cannot be his good friend. I'm so scare they will too close until they cant be separate. They will jealous to each other when only 1 of them have something or doing something. They want exactly the same for both of them.

Who sit with daddy, the other also want. But brother they wont bother about him if the brother play with daddy or have some other thing. Both of us or family member carry 1 of them, the other also want. So their reader also at the same page. How many pages 'jie jie' read as well as 'mei mei'. Maybe i'll start separate them when they std. 1. Let them stay in difference class, so they have difference friends and wont so depend to each other.

Dunno other twins will be the same or not?


mama bok said...

I think they will turn out alright.. when they are older.. no worries. PB has a twin for cousins.. and they turned out to be fine young ladies now.. :)

MY Life Zone said...

they see, stay, sleep together, sure they were very close, but i think soon or later,they wll have their own interests, frens... dont worry too much....

Jacss said...

sylvia, it's in fact very normal for twin siblings to fight for attention or simply want the same thing. carol & carrie aren't just alone....same for sean & least yr girls didn't fight like mine !!!

when they start to grow older, they will soon understand things better...dun worry too much!

btw, i prefer to let them stay together in the same class i find separating them a bit cruel woh !!!

jazzmint said...

it's really diff to separate them, somemore they grow up together

Mummy to QiQi said...

i read from some online source that twins shud be seperated so they could get on with their own life. But since they are still young, i suppose it is still alright that they are close to each other to feel secure?

1+2mom said...

mama bok,
haha..i worried too much already.

my life zone,
i hope so.

izzit??than i better dun split them lor.

yalor, everything they do together. Even thought they go poo also together.

mummy to qiqi,
Just because i heard someone told me and read some article about this so i start worried. You are right, maybe they think to have each other will be more secure.