Monday, April 28, 2008

Diapers Free!

My son was diapers free from now on. Feel shy to say it but need to record down that he step on another mile stone. It was a very nice gift for both of us as his 6th birthday coming soon on next week.

Thought to let him diapers free by his own but seem it not work so i force him to wake up in midnite between 2-3 hours to pee for past 2 weeks. First 3 nite, accident happend but after that it seem ok and last 3 days he managed to wake up by himself.

Bravo boy!!

Now is my 2 girls turn to diapers off. Hope in this 2 weeks can success. Still let them wear diapers but last few days they didnt wet their diapers but did accident once or twice. 1+2dad ask me to train them when school holiday so i can have time to rest but i hope my son can diaper off b4 he turn 6. After the son, now think of together 1 go with the sisters too so i can save more money for their education fund.


Moo mommy said...

Congrax... My Jing don't know when is her time to diaper off... She is going to 5 liao. Everynight still need MamyPoko, other brand can't tahan her pee. Same to my Yang. Tried cloth diaper but failed!
So, i knew your advice - wake the kid up every 2-3 hrs - but ho, this mommy can't wake up every 2-3 hrs. LOL

Mummy to QiQi said...

i had a tough time with qiqi initially. after a while, i gave up since i m pregnant as i can't afford to wake up all time and carry her to potty. let her take her time and wear diaper instead. mana tau...after i bought the cloth diaper, no more accident !

liteng said...

congrats! hope ur twin will be diaper free like their ko-ko real soon :)

anyway, this is my 1st time visit here. nice to know another mum of twins!

jazzmint said...

wah u vy rajin wake up every 2-3 kanasai one

1+2mom said...

moo mommy,
Welcome to my blog :)

You can set an alarm every 2-3 hours to wake up. I also a lazy mum until now just star train my son diaper off.

such a good girl, so fast diaper off. Sometime kids are like that, when you want they do but they dont..haiz.

Welcome to my blog, another twins mommy to share her experience :)

I hope so..thanks.

nolar,my son almost 6 lor have to force myself to help him diaper off..paiseh.

Katetricia said...

wow.. guess I am the only single person here !

1. The twins is extremely cute that caught my attn
2. The cheeky boy's smile has made my day
3. It interesting to read a twins' life
4. Even more interesting to find a modern mom online, updating constantly!

viola !! my 1st visit here, definitely will come visit often!

Haha, I am a fan of Twins, though I am single, but guess is not too late to learn bout kids now :D haha

1+2mom said...

Welcome to my blog :)

Actually at first i write blog just for fun and record my kids grow up but later i fall in love with it. I will continue to write and hope you like it and drop by often.

jacss said...

kudos to mumy....nevermind a bit late, it's still better than not achieving it!
worth the sleepless night hor!!

chanelwong said...

my son also still wet sometimes at nite..