Wednesday, September 21, 2005


One nite, I change my son b4 he go sleep and we usually have some talk while I changing him.

1+2mom : boy boy why you got ku ku jai (bird) and you’re mei mei dun have? *just wandering he know or not and what he will answer me* *bad mommy*
boy boy: got ..mei mei not yet grow big big.

1+2mom : mei mei where got ku ku jai?? Mei mei is gal dun have ku ku jai
Boy boy : got.. mei mei next time grow big big got ku ku jai like boy boy grow big big got.

1+2mom : hehe.
Boy boy : *suddenly he said* like gu gu (sister in law) got hair there next time boy boy grow big big also got hair. (they got take bath together like with me)

1+2mom : *ROFL* how you know?? Who teach you??
Boy boy : yes got na. *give me other answer*

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