Tuesday, January 25, 2005


It is very miracle to have a twin baby. Normal baby born from 1 ovum and 1 sperm, my twins are identical born from a single egg and therefore of the same sex and very similar in appearance. They are the same face but having the difference character. Carol (Twin I) very quite but Carrie (Twin II) was the other way round she very active and talkative.

Last Saturday night, we on the way home from my husband company annual dinner it come across my mine. I look my son and my girls, I think why the single egg can separate into 2 become 2 babies but not 100% same with each other but it from the same egg. So I ask my husband about this, my husband told me no matter it is identical or not it wont have the same person in this world. It not a photostat copy like those scientist testing the sheep to get the other one exactly same as the original, I think it is not humane.

My twin’s girls got a lot of difference:

Face : Carol is sharper then her sister.
Height : Carrie is taller then Carol.
Ear : Carol is rounder then Carrie.
Weight : Carol is lighter then Carrie.
Eye : Carrie eyes bigger then Carol.
Turn of the hair : Carol is at Right hand side but Carrie is at Left hand side.

They were 11 days old. Posted by Hello

They already 1 year old lor ... Posted by Hello

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they are cutie. how time fly....