Friday, January 21, 2005

Happy Family

This is my dream that I got my own family live in happy and enjoy life. Actually it abit out of my planning cause I wish I got a baby which born on year of dragon (cause me and dh also born on year of dragon and mother in law too), but never mine it still in the plan just abit late.

I got the twins really out of the plan. We decide to buy a new car that year, but just get to know it was a twins we cancelled the order. We know it will spend a lot of money when these babies are born. Once we know it really got 2 type if surprise, one is very happy that we get another 2 new member in the family and the other is abit nerves and worry cause scare of are their health , the expenses will out of estimate, education, who to take care of them cause still got another toddler to handler bla bla bla ..

Before we got baby, every time I saw the movie that the family play together I really very envy them. Now who care that I got also, like to spend more time with them. They will surprise us every second every minute. Very love to see them playing, smiling, eating, crawling, bla bla bla ..

Member in the family always help each other no matter we fight before but soon or later we will get back like normal but those are not the family member they wont care your feeling, they wont easy to forgive that you had done wrong.

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