Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chinese New Year schedule

This few days whether very hot, and we slept very late too (include my children). They just recover from sick last week, but today I start not feeling well.

When you saw the title, you should know what I wanna post. Just want to jog down our Chinese New Year schedule on this few days.

On New Year eve, we are having our dinner at a vegetarian restaurant with 1+2dad family. This is our first time 4 generation having dinner together, after that me, 1+2dad and the kids go to my father house to celebrate New Year eve with them. My In Law when to temple for celebrates their New Year. That day, we reached home at about 11+ pm.

The next day, my kids wake up at about 9.30 am. After that I change them and bring them go my father house again at about 12.00 noon. We having our lunch there, later i and my sisters gambling about an hour then we gone home at about 3.30pm and reached home at about 4pm. We had a nap till about 7pm, wakeup we having our dinner then later about 11pm we gone for supper with friend till about 12.30am. (We bring along the kids)

On 2nd New Year day’s morning the kids wakeup at 10pm, I make milk for them and bath them later go visit my auntie at KL. My father and elder sister reached there first then us follow by my youngest sister. We chat there till about 2.30pm when home and had a nap till 6.15pm. We wakeup and continue our journey to 1+2dad grandmum house. We having steam boot there, my kids play with their cousin brother and sister. We had so much fun there and ate a lot too at there. We gone home at about 12.00am, reached home about 12.30am the kids all so tired and very fast fall a sleep.

The third day of New Year, we suggest have a rest at home so we just stay at home play with the kids. Tomorrow will start go visit friends again. More ang pau to give out and more ang pau to receive by my children..muahahaha.

Today afternoon we stay at home, but at nite we go Kepong Pizza Hut and KFC find friend had our dinner. B4 that we go Jusco for window shopping, there are nothing special. We though there got so many shop lot cause look at outside was so big, but very disappointed. After that we went to nearby Pizza Hut had our dinner with friend there.

Tomorrow 1+2dad promise to bring the kids go 1Utama playground for fun. Hope will remember to bring along the camera take some photo to show you all.

Later will post this few days photos cause my other pc was using, cant edit the photos.


Failer said...

Yay yay!! I just recovered from sick before the CNY. So now, I"m celebrating CNY to my max. Hehehe...

Lazymama said...

The CNY weather so hot! Me and my girl were coughing too!

Wah, your kids can stay up to 12am! That's very late leh!

1+2mom said...

failer, my kids still coughing but they enjoy this New Year!!

jefferene, hehe..cause they nap untill so late then they can stay so late lor :P But need to adjust them when my son start school again.

mom2ashley said...

it's indeed a HOT HOT CNY this year..

Zara's Mama said...

1st day of new year no need to go to your in laws plc? Only need to go back on CNY eve?

Me, go on CNY eve, then 1st thing in the morning of 1st day. :(

1+2mom said...

mom2ashley, yea a very HOT CNY :)

zara's mama, i no need go to my IL place cause i stay together with my IL..wahahaha. CNY eve we having dinner with 1+2dad family,grandparents and his uncle family.


that sounds like a jam-packed schedule and your kids are so adorable to go along with it without kicking up a fuss!

1+2mom said...

two little fellas, yea luckily they didnt make noise wanna go home early :) If not i dun have so much fun with the friends.